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TV Possessed and weight obsessed...

The media dissects, infects.

7 June
i still heart mxpx after all these years...
a perfect circle, africa, alan ruck, ambush makeover, art, australia, basketball, beach, being fat, being ouside, belts, biking, billie joe, black and white photography, bowling, boy meets world, brendan fraser, brushes, california, chinese food, chinese tea, college, color photography, converse, cuddling, darren hayes, dashboard confessional, dating story, david draiman, disturbed, down comforters, dr. pepper, east coast custard, eating, eeyore, fans with remotes, ferris bueller, finding nemo, flip flops, florida, fred my math teacher, gap, george of the jungle, german, getting revenge, golden girls, good charlotte, green day, guitar, gulf breeze, gulf of mexico, gumby, halle, jetta, kidney beans and stimulation, kitties, learning, love, mad about you, marilyn manson, marine biology, mario 3, maxxie, music, mxpx, my doggy, new found glory, new york and company, new york city, news, nice boys, nice weather, ninja turtles, nintendo, oceanography, old navy, oliver, ozzy, pajama pants, peeness, pensacola, pensacola beach, photography, pizza hut, playing pool, polos, puppies, ramones, rollerblading, rollercoasters, roxxie, roxy, salvador dali, san francisco, savage garden, school, scooby doo, seeing plays, sex, shopping, sleeping, slippers, starbucks, stars, studying, supermarket sweep, sweatpants, swiffers, tattoos, the ataris, the ocean, the rainforest, tlc, tool, treadmills, tri-c, trying to lose weight, university of west florida, uwf, volkswagen, vw, wayne and garth, will and grace, working out, your mom