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10th September 2006

8:28am: i went to my regular ob check up on tuesday and there was still no change. i had been having some contractions over the weekend so i though maybe there was something going on. but no change. so she decided i should come on to be induced. so we went in tuesday night to get induced. all day long on wednesday we waited and waited and waited. i only dilated to 5 cm by 8:30 wednesday night. i wanted to avoid an epidural, but the doc said it may help with dilation, so i got one and it still did nothing. so the last and probably the best decision was to have a c-section. so i had that and as a result...

Kaylee Marie was born on Wednesday, September 6, 2006 at 10:00 P.M. 8lbs 20in.

31st August 2006

12:22pm: i went to the doctor yesterday. i'm 1 cm dilated. i could have this kid any day now! i hate not knowing when!
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17th August 2006

4:37pm: 38 weeks pregos.

SO ready for this kid to come out.

7th August 2006

10:55am: i'm bored, so i guess i'll update a little.

so we are going into our 37th week this week. 37 weeks is considered full term. they say most babies are due within 2 weeks of their due date. my due date is around the 1st of september. scary.

i have to go to the doctor every week now. when i went last wednesday, she said my cervix is thinning, and i assume the next thing for it to due is dilate, which means labor. so it could pretty much be anytime soon!

we also had an ultrasound last wednesday. we got to see the baaaaaaaaby. it's for sure she's a girl. we saw her hamburger plain and clear. she weighed 5 lbs 11 oz on wednesday. i'm sure it's a little more by now. from what we could see so far, she most def has steve's mouth and she has my nose and my cheeks. the lady says she has hair, which is probly all from steve because his hair is thick and dark.


in other news, my sister is one of the biggest losers to ever walk the face of the earth. she left home about 3 weeks ago to live with a 27 year old dude that we think deals drugs. we at least know he does drugs and so does my sister. it's like i've met a totally different person. jenny has changed so much. i've never met anyone so cold hearted in my life. if you knew her before, you wouldn't know her now. this guy is taking her for everything she's got. her bank account was constantly negative and everything. not a good situation and my mom most def does not need to be going through something like this while she's trying to get through her chemo and all. jenny didn't even bother to show up for our baby shower. no call. no card. no gift. nothing. i have lost all respect that i did have for her and want nothing to do with her ever again. she is destroying our family even worse than it was before. it's unbelievable, it really is. well whatever. she'll have to burn out and find out the hard way. bitch.
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2nd July 2006

9:39pm: happy birthday dad. i miss you terribly.

20th June 2006

4:23pm: today i went to the doctor.

i am about 30 weeks along. that is some crazy, crazy stuff right there. it's going by so fast.

i had to drink some stuff today and wait an hour and then get my blood drawn. i was expecting this drink stuff to be the most horrible thing in the world, when actually it was sorta good. it was orange flavored and tasted like pop. not too bad. i hope i don't have the gestational diabetes, i should find out tomorrow. she said the baby's heart beat sounds good and strong, couldn't sound better. i hope everything works out ok! i need some good luck for a change!

one of our female, spayed dogs likes to hump our 13 pound cat.

14th June 2006

11:13am: so. sew.

i got accepted into the surgical technology program. but, i had to call and talk to the program director to keep my name on the list for next year. i don't think i'd be able to handle the baby and do that all at the same time. i probly could, but i don't wanna struggle too much. she was a really nice lady. i've met her before. she said i don't even have to reapply. she is just going to put my name in the folder for next year. yay! pretty much a guarantee i'll be in it! she said she hasn't seen a GPA like mine in a long time. i have to brag a little.


7th June 2006

10:58am: happy birthday to me. yay!

22. i'm getting to be an old bat.

19th May 2006

10:07am: i think i'm trying to consider adoption. but i'm not sure i could do it after i see the baby...

26th April 2006

9:24am: Happy Birthday to the coolest Kelly in the world!!

I love youuuuu!!!!


16th April 2006

10:36am: i miss you kelly.

5th April 2006

11:03pm: well today we went for our ultrasound. we are having a girl. at least that's what we were told. the lady is 75% sure. which is pretty high. i'm sure she's right.

we are totally excited!!

her name shall be Kaylee Marie.

27th March 2006

3:42pm: so...today my mom finds out she has a breast cancer...

one thing after a freakin another.

i love it.

14th March 2006

11:27am: i think this is the only place in the world where it's 70 degrees one day and then snows the very next day.

7th March 2006

3:42pm: i know everyone missed me so much! :oP

what's up guyssssssss? not TOO much goin on here. i haven't really written a real entry in quite a while. i've had a request or 2 for me to do so. thanks for the love. makes me feel special and missed.

i am now offically in my 2nd trimester. i am a full 3 months and into my 13th week. crazy shizzy. that's for sure. i cannot wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl. gotta wait another 6 weeks or so. whatever it is, i'll love it the same. i just really hope the baby is healthy and perfet and nothing wrong with him/her. that's all i ask.

i was really scared and surprised at all of this at first, but the more time that passes and the more i can see a belly forming when i look in the mirror, the more excited i get. i am going to have another companion around to talk to and to play with and to teach things to and to love and to just have fun with. it'll be fun. it'll be a very big adjustment, but if my mom can raise 2 girls by herself, both me and steve can raise one child together just fine. i'm hoping so anyway. i feel this happened for a reason, whatever it may be. it was meant to be. if it wasn't, i wouldn't have gotten preggers. that's my "philosophy" on that. i mean, sure it's sorta getting in the way of stuff, just school mainly. i'm not so sure i'll be able to do my surgical technology program this fall, i may have to wait till next fall. that's ok too. as long as i can get through it and be successful! that's all that matters.

school is going pretty well so far. math is going great because i have simply the best math teacher in the whole world. mr. fred luthy. they don't come any better than that. med term II is fine. easy. i have an online class which is completely pointless and retarded, but a good schedule filler inner. anatomy and physiology is good so far. we haven't had any tests yet, but the test are gonna be ok i think. my teacher is making us take the test by ourselves for half the time and the other half we can use our books, notes, and other students for help. and if we really can't figure something out, he just said to ask him. whatev. sounds good to me. he's a pretty cool dude. i dig him. to the most. i start a class called ethics for health care professionals next week. the teacher is the guy i had for philosophy, i dig him as well. his brother is my mom's lawyer. way cool, yo.

amazingly so, i haven't had morning sickness or anything. i was sick one time. i'm pretty sure i had a migraine. i had visual disturbances and then i got dizzy and confused and my head hurt and then i threw up repeatedly throughout the day. i've had this before. a long time ago, when i was not pregnant. so i don't think it had toooo much to do with the baby. maybe. but not too much. can't complain.

umm i can't think of anything else. i'll try to write more often i suppose.
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1st March 2006

8:47am: i will update for real. soon. i promise.

12th January 2006

10:44am: so i find out on monday that i am gonna be a mommy.

i tell my mom yesterday. MOST moms would be excited and SUPPORTIVE. nope, not my mom.

she was all like "oh my god stacy what were you thinking? i knew this was gonna happen, i can't believe you didn't use anything...i have nothing else to say to you"

bitch. fucking bitch.

she talked to me and steve about it last night and was pretending like she's being supportive only because she probably feels like she "has" to. i don't want shit from that bitch or anything from anyone else in my family. noone understands how my family. they don't care about anything but themselves. they don't support anything anyone does.

oh and my mom stayed home from work this morning. she is so pathetic. i heard her talking on the phone this morning to someone about me and as soon as she heard me coming downstairs, she closed her door so i couldn't hear what she was talking about. again, she's a bitch. two fucking faced.

don't pretend like you care when you go around talking shit about me behind my back to our "family" and her stupid 84 year old friends.

me and steve are moving out feb 1st. we got an apartment before we knew we were preggers. so that worked out good in the way of getting out of here. i seriously don't like my mom. at all. if it was jenny it would be ok or if i was having a baby with anyone besides steve it would be more acceptable. f u mom.

me and steve will get through this...it's gonna be hard, sure i know that. i can see how hard it is having a baby. but we knew the consequences of not using anything. maybe it was stupid, whatever. nothing i can really do about it now. i have to live with my decisions. we will make it.
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29th December 2005

11:53am: just a thought...some will probly take offense to it but i don't care, it's MY opinion.

i just really can't understand why so many people believe in "god". it doesn't make any sense to me. how can you worship and pray to something you can't even SEE? how??

there's like no physical proof of "god's" existence. correct me if i'm wrong. like with evolution...we find skulls and skeletons, etc. to PROVE that evolution takes place.

i don't think i'll ever understand the whole "god" thing. it's dumb to me. organized religion is just another way to get money. brain washed people giving away their money.


19th December 2005

11:42am: hmm.

looks like another 4.0 for me.

i love bragging about my grades. it's the only good thing i got goin for me!

time to apply to the program.

i kicked bio chem's ass!

go me!

7th November 2005

9:28am: sup?

just wanted to update a little.

we went to the MxPx show on saturday at the house of blues. THE BEST mxpx show i've ever been to. EVER. and i've been to quite a few of them.

well, it may of been because it was the first concert i was able to drink at. but being drunk at a concert is totally fun. i actually was dancing and all that stuff. i didn't care about anyone around me. it was great.

me and steve got to the "after show". we got 1 on 1 time with each of the guys. they signed our stuff and took pictures and got to talk to them each for a little bit. they are the nicest laid back guys. so friendly, just like anyone else. yuri was looking through steve's pictures on his phone with us. dude! they totally rock and now i remember why they have been my favorite forever!

anyway...that's all...disturbed show next week...excited about that too.

mxpx rocks my socks.
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31st October 2005

9:30am: kind of immature if you ask me.

i KNOW it was directed towards me. if not, then whatev, i'm still gonna say what i'm gonna say. it's how i feel anyway.

just say it to "my face" as much as you can say it to my face over a computer.

why should i "console" someone or talk to someone that totally ditched me cuz i wouldn't go out with someone who isn't my type? what a great 4th grade reason to stop being friends with someone.

oh and i didn't see YOU stepping up to talk to me anytime either. you came to cleveland. did i hear a phone ring? or see you at my house to visit me if i was sooooo important to you? nope.

good luck with your "life".

27th October 2005

3:35pm: hi.

i never have time to update this thing anymore. i always look at everyone's stuff almost every day, but i'm so busy with school that it's hard to get time to sit and write.

i had my 3rd math test this morning and my second bio chem test. i hope i did ok. i got 100% on my first one, so we'll see how this one went. bio chem is a pretty darn hard class. all i do is study my butt off. too much math in that for me. but i guess this test will be the last one with any math on it, so that's good. hopefully the rest of the class will be easier.

pharmacology and medical terminology are my easiest classes. math is in the middle. all in all though i am doing well.

i went to the health career discovery night thing over at the metro campus the other night. i got to talk to the main lady of the surg tech program. i think her name is beth and the other lady's name was rita. VERY nice ladies. i went and got a little tour of the OR there where they do the mock surgeries and stuff. i am uber exicted about doing this stuff!!!!!

hmm what else. nothing too exciting has happened. me and steve went to baltimore a couple weekends ago. he's a raven's fan so we went to the browns/ravens game. it was fun.

yesterday was steve's birthday. 23. old man. we didn't do too much. went out to eat and shopping a little. i got him browns/ravens tickets for when they play in cleveland, some cologne and a raven hoodie and hat. he had a good day.

welll i guess that's all for now. off to schooooooool.
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20th September 2005

4:24pm: so anyway.

school is a butt kicker so far. it's very very very very busy for me. i have a lot of work to do, and a lot of studying. by far the hardest semester i've had so far. it's only the 4th week too, no good.

i had a med. term test last week, 47/48 on that. math test yesterday: 108%. i'm doing good on my tests so far. yay for me.

bio chem and pharmacology are my hardest classes right now. i don't really remembering the metric system all that well, so i'm having some trouble with conversions and stuff like that. there's a chapter in my bio chem book on it so i have to read up on that. i'm trying to teach myself...i'm doin ok so far.

i got a tattoo for my dad. i got a lotus flower with his initials in the middle of it on my shoulder. it's nice. i like it. jenny got a flower/tribal on her upper arm with his initials in it as well.

i have 6 tattoos, that is crazy. really, really crazy.

house is my favorite show. i started watching the repeats over the summer and i absolutely love it. it's about the best show i've ever watched.

speaking on medical terms...i e-mailed the surg. tech program magager at tri-c and she said i have an excellent chance of getting into the program for fall 2006. VERY excited about that. VERY.

disturbed's new album rocks.

k bye.
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8th September 2005

10:08am: so it's been quite a while since i've written in this thing. actually, i have no idea even when the last time was that i did write anything.

well i know i said that i was gonna do the surgery tech. program at tri-c the last time i wrote. school started and i'm takin the pre-reqs for it. medical terminology, bio-chem, pharmacology and math. these classes for me feel right. i think i've found my "calling". plus, i'm totally excited about doing this surgery thing. it's gonna be awesome. i just hope that i get accepted, that's the only thing i worry about. they are taking apps fall 2006, so hopefully i can cram all the classes i need in and apply and get accepted! i know i'm totally on the right track now. at least i hope so...

not sure if i mentioned it, but i did get 2 stars tattooed on my shoulder region. they are the sweetest looking stars ever. and now i'm thinking about getting something for a memorial of my dad. i was thinking about a lotus flower with his initials in it somehow. i've been wanting to get something for him for a while now and now i'm putting some thought into it. my dad meant quite a bit to me and i want it to be something special.

i'm trying to think about what's all happened since the last time i wrote, but nothing sticks out. i probly just can't remember.

oh yeah. jenny (my sister) got hit by a car about a month ago. she was riding her bike across mr. chicken's parking lot and a guy flew out and rammed right into her. it's actually amazing she didn't get killed, she's very lucky. all she had were some scratches and her foot is hurt pretty bad, it's still isn't healed. and her bike is destroyed. my mom got a lawyer to take her case, so we'll see what happens.

it's actually kind of weird. the lawyer that my mom got is the brother of the philosophy teacher i had in the spring semester. i think it's crazy. what are the odds of her getting him? how many lawyers are out there, ya know?

they are black-topping our street and it's getting closer to our house and it really is starting to smell bad. ick.

going to the gym is going good. i'm actually starting to see a little bit of a difference in different areas. i love going, it makes me feel so good. my mom joined the gym, but of course she hardly ever goes. not a surprise. whatev. she'll just be fat the rest of her life and get a bunch of other diseases and kill herself at an early age. but hey,that's the way most americans are, so it must be the "cool" thing to do...PEOPLE ARE SO LAZY AND IT'S DISGUSTING. there's NO EXCUSE to be that far overweight. sick. i'm not saying i'm not fat, but i'm not like obese or whatever like 60% of this population is. whatever. at least i'm doing something about it!!!

i won $100 canadian dollars at casino windsor last weekend, yay for me!

ummm i guess that's it for now.
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27th July 2005

3:57pm: i REALLY, REALLY can't stand how every damn thing in the country is based around "god".

it's stupid.
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